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A beautifuuly crafted comedy from Nikolai Gogol which, according to D. S. Mirsky,  "is not only supreme in character and dialogue – it is one of the few Russian plays constructed with unerring art from beginning to end''.
The corrupt officials of a small Russian town, headed by the Mayor, react with terror to the news that an incognito inspector will soon be arriving to investigate them. The flurry of activity to cover up their considerable misdeeds is interrupted by the report that a suspicious person has arrived two weeks previously from Saint Petersburg and is staying at the inn. That person, however, is not an inspector; it is Khlestakov, a foppish civil servant with a wild imagination. Convinced he is the inspector, the corrupt officials begin to defer and flatter him, offer bribes and he even moves into the Mayor's house and flirts outrageously with his wife and daughter.

Only when Khlestakov leaves, do they realise they have been duped - and then news arrives that a Government Inspector is expected!!

The play is full great characters, hilarity and farce, fast moving and perhaps has a relevance to today's politicians and officials!


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