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You probably know The Cherry Orchard is the greatest play by one of the most influential dramatists of the 20th century. But apart from that, why should you come to see it?
Well, since its first performance in 1904 it has been continuously performed across the world and filmed, with Charlotte Rampling in the lead role, and on TV (ditto Judi Dench)-so it has a proven appeal.
People often (wrongly) see Chekhov as a writer of gloomy plays; That isn't true, especially of this play which he himself described as "a comedy....even, in places, a farce." It tells the story of a once wealthy family who are faced with selling off their estate, including its famous cherry orchard, to survive. Their refusal to face up to their predicament creates drama, tension, and comedy. The characters are beautifully drawn, and against the backdrop of the sale we see them deal with love and loss, hope and fear in a Russia of 1904 which is on the brink of revolution.
We at SLT love it because of the essential humanity of the characters and the bittersweet lives they lead. The production has characters aged 17 to 87, lovely period costumes, conjuring tricks, guns, dancing, and a dog. Come along and see how they get along together and what happens to the cherry orchard.